Monday, June 18, 2012

moving on

i wanted to share some exciting news which will probably explain my blog absence. we are moving to l.a.! a couple months ago i applied for a position as a wardrobe stylist with an l.a. staple called wasteland. we met, fell in love and the rest in history! ryan and i will be starting our drive across country one week from today. i have always loved l.a. since my first visit and look forward to so many things once we get settled. we were lucky enough to find a duplex in echo park with sweet little details and even a lemon tree in the yard.

on a side note, i know this blog started when i opened my little philadelphia vintage shop and then you watched my amazing endeavors with free people. all have been an amazing journey in my life that i have learned so much and had the pleasure to experience. i feel really lucky to have had both. at this point i'm not sure i'd like to continue with this blog, but am grateful to anyone who reads it or has ever taken the time to sit down and browse. in the future i may start a whole new blog about my new journeys, but time will tell. for now i am leaving you with the craigslist photos of our new california hacienda and a message we seem to forget... you are never too old to follow your dreams!

stay in touch:)
with love,