Thursday, September 29, 2011

december catalog behind the scenes

after a day of travel and a day of scouting we fell sound asleep in the black night. when morning came we woke to the most beautiful view from atop our villa in pyrgos, the highest point of santorini.

villa views...

meals were prepared daily by our personal chef who made the most savory greek food.

this is what my room looked like. clothes were piled and hung below while i slept on the loft space above.

scenes from the two days we spent shooting... mona johannesson, who is super sweet, modeled our clothes and enric galceran shot the catalog.

look out for free people's december catalog and let me know what you think. until then, the october catalog is about to drop!!! you probably remember me talking about it here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

free people in greece

we just wrapped up our december catalog shoot on the santorini island of greece. the white architecture and blue water had us believing the place was magic. we first arrived in athens and took a quick road trip to the stadiums and the ancient acropolis. when we are shooting sometimes a few hours is all we have to experience a new city or town.

later that night we flew into santorini and the next morning woke up to this...

greece has some of the most amazing food i have ever had. these were some of the prettiest dishes we got to indulge in.

the shops in santorini were even beautiful. here are a few of their wares for sale around the island.

greece was a wonderful place to experience. i think you will love our december catalog when it finally drops. santorini turned out to be a beautiful back drop to showcase our clothes! behind the scenes of our shoot will be up tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

just sharing

new fall colors... the first pumpkin pancakes of the season...
waiting for dinner... a friend's art show at the james oliver gallery...

heading to greece for work tomorrow, so i won't be posting for a week or so. i will be styling our december catalog on the island of santorini. photos when i return!

Monday, September 12, 2011

road trip: chattanooga

i heard chattanooga was amazing to site see and it really was one of the most beautiful places i have ever been. we walked through rock city which was a fun maze of rocks and hidden gnomes. there is one spot where you can see seven states at one time... gah!

after that we went to ruby falls which is a 150 foot waterfall hidden in an underground cavern.

i can't believe we are back in philadelphia now. the whole tripped seemed surreal since we managed to see so much in so little. i loved every part of tennessee. i can't wait to explore more of our beautiful country. so... thanks for reading my little journal/blog and hope you go visit these places if you haven't already. x
road trip: dollywood

we went to dollywood!!! ahhhh... i still can't believe it. dollywood is a big amusement park with country sing-a-longs and the most amazing collection of dolly's belongings right there inside her museum.

the only shot a got inside the museum... her collection of clothes circa 1980 something.

along with country barbecue they had pickle on a stick which i couldn't resist...

... and the most amazing warm and gooey cinnamon bread i have ever tasted!!!

in a nutshell the museum was amazing. i gawked at clothes she wore on stage and in most of her movies. the rides were fun. i became addicted to their newest ride and made ryan go on it with me 5 times! we had a great time!