Saturday, April 30, 2011

back in philadelphia

went to pyt friday night for the perfect philly meal... a cheese steak with a soft pretzel roll! i didn't actually eat this, but it sure is one for the record books!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

free people july catalog: behind the scenes

we just wrapped up shooting our july catalog in austin, texas. truth be told, austin is one of my new favorite cities! we had an amazing experience and a lot of fun on this shoot...

first things first, we arrived at the beautiful historic house we all shared and got settled in.

the first day of shooting can be a bit hectic and really exciting at the same time. i began getting the clothes ready in our big dressing room. hair and make up got started while others help get the sets ready.

ashley smith poses in her rollers.

finally shooting begins with photographer alexandra valenti and fp videographer carrie yotter.

the day is long. models take snack breaks on clementines.

days two and three are shot at alexandra's favorite austin spots where she shoots vintage sellers, sisters of the black moon.

on our shoots we are lucky enough to get occasional hair cuts by the hair stylists we take along. amazing, new york based stylist, dennis, works his magic on my crazy hair.

check out those braids!

when shooting is finished we stop for tex mex and can't help but notice all of the music lyrics and posters austin has lingering throughout.

what an amazing city!

i may post some silly photos and our last night out, but for now i say good night. hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

alexandra valenti's austin home

we were lucky enough to have alexandra valenti shoot our july catalog. she's the amazing photographer that makes the sisters of the black moon magical! here's a look into her ethnic, boho home.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

austin, you say the darndest things

hey cupcake!

i love you so much

i love you more.

looking forward to posting photos of photographer alexandra valenti's home. stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

back from austin

i spent the week in austin, texas styling free people's july catalog. before i show you some behind the scenes i wanted to share my most favorite parts of sweet austin, texas...

number 1 is their plentiful vintage shopping!! i did some of my best vintage shopping there from feathers vintage to the little festival truck that was filled with the best, most inexpensive vintage of all. we went crazy dressing and undressing in that little truck, but the experience was most fun!

i forget where this was taken, but look at all those boots!

lucky us the sisters of the black moon took us shopping. these gals have the best style and are so, so sweet. rachel let me take tons of photos. i love her patch work jeans and all of those beautiful rings.

here are some of my austin finds... an embroidered mexican dress, wool navajo short sleeve cardigan, harley tee, velvet and fringe scarf, coral beaded necklace, indian bangles, levi's denim shorts, and black and white crochet shorts.

that's all for now. more favorites to come, but this couldn't wait. we went gaga over these girls and all the vintage we found!