Wednesday, April 20, 2011

back from austin

i spent the week in austin, texas styling free people's july catalog. before i show you some behind the scenes i wanted to share my most favorite parts of sweet austin, texas...

number 1 is their plentiful vintage shopping!! i did some of my best vintage shopping there from feathers vintage to the little festival truck that was filled with the best, most inexpensive vintage of all. we went crazy dressing and undressing in that little truck, but the experience was most fun!

i forget where this was taken, but look at all those boots!

lucky us the sisters of the black moon took us shopping. these gals have the best style and are so, so sweet. rachel let me take tons of photos. i love her patch work jeans and all of those beautiful rings.

here are some of my austin finds... an embroidered mexican dress, wool navajo short sleeve cardigan, harley tee, velvet and fringe scarf, coral beaded necklace, indian bangles, levi's denim shorts, and black and white crochet shorts.

that's all for now. more favorites to come, but this couldn't wait. we went gaga over these girls and all the vintage we found!


LopezJennyLopez said...

That was paradise!!!
Perfect trip, a bit of work, a bit of fun and a bit of shopping!!!
Waiting to see more of that trip!

Besos my darling

Anonymous said...

Such fun! I hear Austin is wonderful.
I had some blue and some green patchwork jeans when I was little.

Anonymous said...

what an exciting trip!!
you captured the best of Austin, all the vintage nooks, it seems you had so much fun, can't wait to see more pictures......

Tatiana said...

wow that looked like so much fun! I love the crochet shorts they are so cool, and those patch work jeans are amazing. What great finds!

Linda said...

Sounds like a magical trip! You scored some killer vintage too, love every piece :)

Karra said...

Austin is the best for vintage shopping! It's known for the music but the shopping is just as good.

The boot wall looks like the wall in New Bohemia on South Congress (right out of downtown Austin).