Wednesday, September 28, 2011

free people in greece

we just wrapped up our december catalog shoot on the santorini island of greece. the white architecture and blue water had us believing the place was magic. we first arrived in athens and took a quick road trip to the stadiums and the ancient acropolis. when we are shooting sometimes a few hours is all we have to experience a new city or town.

later that night we flew into santorini and the next morning woke up to this...

greece has some of the most amazing food i have ever had. these were some of the prettiest dishes we got to indulge in.

the shops in santorini were even beautiful. here are a few of their wares for sale around the island.

greece was a wonderful place to experience. i think you will love our december catalog when it finally drops. santorini turned out to be a beautiful back drop to showcase our clothes! behind the scenes of our shoot will be up tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

It just looks unreal there. I so want to go. I hope you got lots of fun things to bring home.

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a beautiful place, you are great with taking the most unique it all