Saturday, October 18, 2008

fair well

i ventured over to the last flea market of the season at 3rd and pine today. it was a chilly day, but hard to notice with all the vintage goodies surrounding me. i didn't buy as much today as i did last week, but i really enjoyed browsing the brick, philadelphia sidewalks for prospects.

i liked this pink chiffon, beaded two piece on the hanger more than i did on. the color was perfect, but the design was all wrong for me. i'll keep searching for my pink chiffon, ruffly dress.

there was a nice collection of wall art. my favorites were the louis icarts.

the furniture selection was impressive. there was anything from beveled glass mirrors to 1930's wooden desks.

i really loved the kitschy housewares. i was tempted to buy the small, 1930's vase of the woman's head to use for large, pink peonies. i think i may regret not buying it.

i was really hoping to find some good vintage clothes, but was a little disappointed. although i did find an amazing belt and feather headpiece that i couldn't live without. i'll be waiting til next spring for more flea markets. for now i will be embracing estate sale season!

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