Friday, November 21, 2008

sticky and sweet

madonna came to philadelphia last night and since i haven't missed a show yet, i made it a point to go. i took a few pictures from our seats. before madonna came out she had a dj mix us a few songs. the show was great as always.

madonna never misses an opportunity to poll dance.

here she sang an updated version of "borderline" which was one of my favorite parts of the show. my other favorite part was when madonna look-a-likes came out and she sang "she's not me" to them, tore off their wigs and strangled another.

we had so much fun. the show seemed like it ended too quickly.

oh wait... one more picture. the two beside me i have known since the 5th grade. whoa!

jenn, francesca, me, marianna

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ryder said...

your earrings look fa-bu!