Friday, December 5, 2008

15% off and traveling clothes?

it's first friday, so come and celebrate with 15% off select vintage all day long and drinks from 4 - 7 pm!! you know you want to. it'll be fun!!

oh and i noticed, through blogging, there is a jacket traveling around the world to different bloggers. once these select fashionista types get the jacket they create an outfit around it and photograph it for others to view. it's a neat idea because we all have different ideas and ways of throwing it all together. here's the link for you to check out...

if anyone in the pennsylvania area is interested in experimenting with something like this, get in touch. it might be a lot of fun!

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he and she vintage said...

love the blog - i'm having a similar sale too! also dig the idea of the clothing pass-around. sign me up!

sarah in kennett