Wednesday, December 3, 2008

gift giving idea: journals

once upon a time in philadelphia, there were so many things to write about and store away...

poems, errands, schedules or recipes, addresses or novellas, doodles and photographs. hobo arona came to the rescue of left-behind, vintage books most of which date from 1890 to 1960. they saw an eye for these treasures and turned them into usable art such as journals and albums. each are hand-bound using the finest papers made from recycled content.

whenever possible these journals and albums retain their original front and end pages. more than a few have their original library cards too!

each comes with a small note written by hobo arona describing the history of the book and anything from the author's achievements to the story of the book itself.

all journals are one of a kind and make unique and thoughtful gifts. prices vary from $13 to $27. stop in while supplies last!

vintage connection
701 s. bainbridge street
philadelphia, pa 19147

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