Friday, December 19, 2008

a girls gotta make a living

what could make a 7 year old girl fall in love with a movie that she still immortalizes as an adult? could it have been all those years of dance lessons i took? could it have been the character's beauty and pretty costumes? as i got older i realized it was all of those things and so much more that i now understood as an adult. it was the first time i had seen break dancing, tuxedo shirts without sleeves, and a movie way above my maturity level. if you haven't seen the movie it's the story of a welder by day and a dancer by night who semi takes her clothes off for her admirers. she dreams of becoming a ballerina, reads french vogue and eats lobster with her hands. her clothes were effortlessly chic that no picture from google images could clearly translate. you truly must see the movie to understand. i now have a boyfriend who shares the last name of the small club alex dances. we think this is coincidentally funny!

happy birthday, jennifer beals!

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Mike Mawby said...

Great post! Ozone and Turbo would be proud.