Monday, December 8, 2008

we salute you!

today i was sitting around and feeling bad for myself, so i started to try to think productively. i started thinking about things i want to do for the holidays and remembered my friend who is serving his second tour in iraq. how could i feel bad for myself? this is his second christmas in a war zone. i haven't seen him in a while, but i knew this had to be a good package.

the first things that came to mind were what he doesn't like. ok, i know he doesn't like chocolate or when i eat standing up, but really what did that have to do with what would go into this package?

i remembered the standard stuff like soap, lip balm, and porn. no, i didn't send that, but he probably would have really enjoyed it over the bag of sun flower seeds.

the one thing i placed inside which was different from all the other packages was this journal. there must be so many things he sees or hears that he must want to write them down, store pictures inside, make lists, doodle, send a letter.

most importantly i wanted to make him smile and let him know he is appreciated. some great ideas to send the troops are toiletries, phone cards, disposable cameras, reading materials, playing cards, treats, stamped envelopes and those special touches only you can create.

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