Friday, January 16, 2009


it's 15 degrees here in philadelphia today! my toes began to feel numb while walking to the car! all this and no snow? where is the gigantic snowstorm i have been dreaming about? sigh.
oh! while i was walking dugan i saw the nursery school next door made bird feeders! i remember doing this when i was little made with peanut butter and bird seed. i'm sure we all did. these little bird feeders gave me nice memories when times were simple and innocent. as children this was one of our first lessons in compassion. i love it.

i am really trying to get on my goal of learning to sew. i called the philadelphia sewing collective, but they aren't giving any classes at this time. i would really like to learn in a classroom setting with other beginners. not that anyone reads this, but anyone know of any classes like this?

ok. off to do some work. stay warm!


Kate said...

yo bitch i read this!!!

hmw said...

awe, kater! thank you xo