Sunday, January 11, 2009

a simple night

last night i finally had my snowfall. it was beautiful. as i was leaving the store fluffy, white snowflakes were falling from the sky. i was in awe of it. at that moment, i turned around to look at the store and it looked so pretty and the night felt quiet. i took this picture, but it doesn't demonstrate its true beauty. you can't even tell it was snowing.

my friend was supposed to come down from new york and decided not to due to the weather. i decided to watch "the devil wears prada" and get ready for my friends gathering she is having tomorrow night. i am in charge of bringing a vegetarian dish and made this amazing black bean salad i got from one of my favorite cooking blogs "smitten kitchen". you can get the recipe here.

the salad was probably the best thing i ever made and didn't mess up. i made myself a bowl and for the party i am serving the salad with lime infused tortilla chips. yummy!

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