Friday, February 20, 2009

a little new orleans in philadelphia

visiting my friend susan always makes me dream of hot summer days in new orleans. old school jazz music and glam rock bands are always playing in the background. relics from her life in new orleans sit around her loft apartment. we looked through inspiration photos she collected from vintage magazines and old fashion books and sipped on bottles of beer infused with lime.

for dinner susan made the best vegetarian spread... wild rice dressed with parmesan cheese and yogurt, spinach salad with blue berries and sunflower seeds, and a side of fresh green beans.

i learned one more thing about susan last night. her jewelry line, esther k., started as headpieces (shown below) and progressed to necklaces from there. susan is now busy working on new pieces to add to her collection. expect brass cuffs adorned with trinkets and crystals in the near future!!

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