Friday, April 10, 2009

meet jennifer!!

this is jen. vintage connection's first EVER intern! jen attends to the art institute of philadelphia and is majoring in fashion marketing. here's a quick q and a with jen...

how did you become interested in fashion? it started in middle school when we began going to dances. my girlfriends used to come to me to help them with their party dresses. i would read fashion magazines, so i could be ready to help style our next event.

why is vintage so important in your personal wardrobe? i really like to stand out. when i find special vintage pieces, i know and love that no one else will have them. i love to mix and match old and new pieces which makes any wardrobe unique.

what is your favorite decade to wear? i'm really into the 70's. i have this great textured, bohemian printed vest that i can wear with anything. i also love the long flowing dresses from that time. they are the perfect summer staple.

what do you want vintage connection to remember you by? my smile and friendly personality. i want to make the store a better place by bringing in some cheer!

we are so lucky and happy to have jen with us.


sarah said...

think i went to high school with her? congratulations to you both!

Kristen said...

i met jennifer yesterday and she did her first transaction with the fabulous belt that i got... she was adorable!

Anonymous said...

how can I intern at vintage connection?!

hmw said...

if you want to intern call the store and we can talk 267 528 1625.