Friday, June 12, 2009

q and a for our new intern

meet sara! she is a fun-loving, southerner with a style all of her own. best part... she has the sweetest accent!!

coming from asheville, nc do you notice any differences in style of the philadelphia girl? philadelphia has a very diverse style and people seem to stay on top of trends. i notice some similarities of both the cultures ... people thrive off of the art culture.

what is your favorite piece of vintage that you own? i own a german map of china from 1959. i love it, because it's one of a kind. it hangs in my living room and makes the perfect focal point.

what is your favorite piece of vintage clothing or accessory that you own? i have a silver ring with a woman's face on it. she has flowing hair. it was my mom's from the late 60's. it's the one piece i could not live without!

what do you think you will love most about philadelphia? i love being able walk out of my apartment and everything is right there. there are always new things to see and you can walk everywhere! oh and the water ice!

what do you hope to bring to vintage connection? a taste of southern charm and style, of course!

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