Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sweet, sweet summertime

one of my favorite night time obsessions is watching the food network right before bed. the other night we saw this amazing chocolate covered, frozen banana recipe and had to try it!

it was so easy to do. here are the steps if you'd like to try it yourself...
1. cut the tips off the banana peels and place a popsicle stick in one end
2. peel the bananas
3. freeze at least 4 hours
4. melt baker's chocolate in a double broiler
5. crush the candy of your choice. we used butterfinger!
6. dip the bananas in chocolate and roll in the candy to cover
7. place the chocolate bananas on wax paper to harden and cool
8. enjoy!!

so yummy! i need more.


Christyrenee said...

OMG! This looks SO good, I'm definitely trying it. Thanks so much for posting the recipe!!!

hmw said...

let me know what you think. xo