Saturday, October 10, 2009

a little get away

mom wins a three day cruise to the bahamas and key west and takes me!! here are my favorite things from our trip...

the beautiful ship and clear, blue water ahead.

nassau's cabbage beach.

the bahamian straw market.

finding treasures in coco cay.

night time drinks and planning the next day.

exploring key west.

kermit's for frozen key lime pie covered in belgium chocolate... heaven!

vintaging shopping in key west.

lunch and sloppy joe's with amazing music and fried conch fritters.

the sunset.

tiny towel bunnies.

aahhhh!! it was so much fun! i need more!!

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Anonymous said...

Heather! I'm so jealous looking at all the sunny pictures of beaches! It's getting so cold :( How are you doing? Do you miss me? Haha- I want to show you what i've been up to:
If you click on the link under the first post- it'll show you more pictures. I've been taking bread baking classes at the French Culinary. And I'm exhausted because I also work at a coffee shop in the morning but I've never been so happy and feel like I've accomplished something! Hope you're well xxx