Tuesday, October 27, 2009

what's inside

one of my favorite things about reading people's blogs is getting inside to see the "real" them. whether it's a glimpse of their home, pictures from their last soiree, or a peek at what they wear... i love to know. ok, so here's my attempt to spice up my blog. here goes nothing...

left to right: the october issue of vogue uk, flea market sunglasses, nars gloss in chelsea girls, heart perfume vile which was a gift from my mom, blackberry, orbit watermelon mist gum, pollini passport wallet i got in italy 10 years ago, marc jacobs coin purse which was a gift from my cousin, hair ties, 1950's cigarette case i adore, and travel prayer coins from ryan to keep me safe. ooh, one thing i never leave home without, that couldn't make the shot for obvious reasons, is my camera.

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