Thursday, December 17, 2009

vintage connection's holiday/winter look book is coming

eyelash curlers and sequins inspired vintage connection's holiday/winter collection. as dusk sets upon this year's glitziest guise we decided to show you a preview. oh and remember to click on the photos to enlarge.

clothes and accessories: vintage connection
photography: courtney apple
modeling: miranda aponte
styling: heather waity
make up: heather waity

the complete look book is coming soon! xo


Maria Ramagli said...

The level of high fashion in these Holiday December photos need to be published in Brittish Vogue! I need that dress in my life and as usual I love the styling and the contrast with the tights... everyone needs to take a que from this shoot and venture out to the glitz that we make you feel like a fame monster being chased by the paparazzi. This is by far the best selection I have viewed and I applaud Miss Heather Waity for her extraordinary talent, passion and sense of style and trend... I always follow her lead!

nichole said...

this is beautiful!
can't wait to see the full collection..

Iovino80 said...

Heather this is gorg and does this dress come in my size?

hmw said...

thank you all for the nice compliments!! i can't wait to get the complete look book out, but have been trapped due to the snow. i am opening tomorrow, so i will have it up then... finally!

jackie, that dress has sold, but i have something like it with a cashmere lining... oooh la la!