Thursday, January 28, 2010

teaspoons and petals

remember last spring's tea party? it was one of my favorite events here at vintage connection. well... haiku teacup creator, alexis siemons, has created a line inspired by her favorite jazz and blues songbirds to get us through the winter. take a peek...

to get inspired by her tea filled musings visit her blog. to get some tea cups to add to your cup collection visit her etsy shop.
now i leave you with one of alexis' inspiring haikus. enjoy!

peony tea blooms
ivory waves of cotton
catch falling petals


Anonymous said...

I follow a Haiku blog. Putting Haiku on a tea cup. WHY didnt I think of that? :)

NotoriousALG said...

I purchased one of these sets for my best friend's birthday! Alexis is so nice and I love these tea cups. They are a nice weight, which is important!