Tuesday, January 12, 2010

make up steps for yesterday's post

i use MAC make up, because i think it applies the best and the colors are endless. here's the kit i used for nicole's shoot.

the first thing i like to do when applying make up are the eyes, so here i am applying a primer. this will prevent the shadow from creasing and help the shadow lay smoother.

for this shoot i used a liquid sparkle eye liner and covered her entire lid.

the next step was applying false eye lashes with an adhesive. the trick is getting the false lash as close to the real lash as possible. give each lash about one minute to dry.

while the lashes are drying the skin was prepped with a moisturizer and the foundation was applied.

at some point check the false lashes for progress.

next i used a color very close to nicole's natural hair color to fill her eyebrows. this will help frame her face and complete a very dramatic make up application.

i wanted nicole's lips to really stand out since we used such a light color on her eyes. i first applied a hot pink gloss to the lip area and then lined the lips in a cherry red.

a little more gloss for added shine...

and perfect!

lastly i applied a soft pink blush to give the cheeks some definition and a little glow.

voila! she's ready for the photo shoot!

make up: heather waity
model: nicole ambrosini kane

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