Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 questions with one of my favorite jewelry designers, esther k.

esther k.'s golden goddess jewelry has been gracing vintage connection's jewelry displays and topping our mannequins almost since our store opening. i always felt it was the perfect compliment to our vintage gems and baubles. i have written about esther k. in the past, but never about the little, quirky things that make her so unique. so i took the opportunity and did just that!

what were you doing right before this interview began? i was altering a vintage dress, listening to james brown in sweats with a deep conditioning treatment in my hair.

what inspires your esther k. jewelry line? this answer changes all the time. i'm really into spells and magic right now.

describe yourself in one word. creative.

what would be your ideal day? hmm. waking up and going for a run, heading to a salon for a facial and manicure, meeting friends after for a drink and fitting in some shopping here and there. i never get to shop anymore.

what is your favorite summertime drink? root. it's a philadelphia root beer that's sweet, but strong!

who are your idols dead or alive? patti smith and edie sedgwick. in reality edie was a mess, but the muse of her generation.

what is your fashion motto? i like to wear things no one else has. also, never look too perfect. some imperfection means you have things going on.

what is your favorite piece of vintage you own? i bought a victorian bracelet from new orleans. it's embellished with garnets. i never wear it, because i'm afraid i'll lose it.

what is the best advice your mama gave you? there are a few things... write thank you notes. if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. don't put pins in your mouth while you sew, because you might swallow them. oh and measure twice cut once.

where is the most special place you have ever visited? mexico.

i know i told you i had ten questions, but there's one i'd really like to know... can we expect anything new from esther k. in the future? yes, sterling!

here are a few photos of esther k.'s most recent designs. i love the muted colors, dark haired girl, and the way her jewelry shines in the sunlight.

photographer: connie wang
vintage clothing: vintage connection


Maria Ramagli said...

I adore ester k jewlery, please please make earrings! I wear your accesories so much! Thanks heather for finding this brilliant artist... Perfect fit for your vintage haven!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!