Thursday, March 11, 2010

easter bunnies lay eggs

trust me, they do. easter candy is my sugary weakness of all the holidays. ryan surprised me with a chocolate bunny and cadbury eggs i have been waiting to devour. once i start i can't stop! this spread reminds me of an eastery dream.

i forget the magazine these beauties were taken from so if anyone knows... please share.


Anonymous said...

I love Cadbury eggs!

Maria Ramagli said...

Oh my is right on... I will follow this store like the paparazzi... just found more unique finds... I can not get enough.

Maria Ramagli said...

Your photos are and captions are so inspiring... I just bought the most amazing sequin min dress for a 70's party at your store... thank you so much for helping put this look together... Imma be a vintage disco queen <3