Tuesday, April 27, 2010

someone else is bloggin!

i had the pleasure to meet susie, of mostly lists, and tati, of sticky note, a few weekends ago. They stopped in vintage connection with one thing on their minds, beautiful vintage. tati purchased a 1970's flowy chiffon gown and susie grabbed the amazing book, "the little guide to vintage shopping".

to my surprise, i saw this blog post this morning about their experience at vintage connection along with this sweet photo of tati (below)! if you have some time check out their blogs... you'll be addicted too!

thank you, ladies, for a beautiful post! it was a neat surprise to see first thing in the morning!!


Anonymous said...

great picture of vintage connection!

susie said...

It was really fun to meet you. We'll be back to your shop soon! I'm sure you'll see Tati's dress shortly on her blog... and you girlie look completely adorable in the photo I took of you (I picked the best one!) Loving your blog!


Tati said...

Heather this is so sweet of you!!
I cannot wait to shoot the dress! I have it planned out for tomorrow :) thanks so much and trust me, i'll be coming by soon! have a great weekendd