Saturday, May 1, 2010

happy may, philadelphia!!

vintage connection is featured in our favorite local magazine this month when our lovely esther k. necklace takes center stage in their "trimmings" section!

it reads "earth mother: she's already got diamonds, so this mother's day, give her one of the delicate, nature-inspired pieces showing up in philly's prettiest boutiques, for her everyday wear (and everyday thoughts of you)." ~ carrie denny

esther k. hand-cast "marisol" necklace , $150. at vintage connection, 701 s. 9th street, 267-528-1625,


Chérie said...

Congrats! I really need to make my way into your lovely little store one of these days. I pass it on my way home from work but never stop in since I'm usually without the proper funds. I will buy EVERYTHING otherwise, haha.

Anonymous said...

is the shell necklace still available?

Ms. Givens said...

That's wonderful!

hmw said...

yes, it is! stop in this weekend!

vintage connection:
701 s. 9th street
philadelphia, pa