Wednesday, September 8, 2010

booze and snooze 2010

we headed up to northern pennsylvania for our traditional labor day camping. remember last year? we pretty much did the same, but managed to squeeze in some hiking and saw a black bear along the way. i'm still not good at camping and don't know if i will ever really get it.

i pretty much wore the same thing the entire trip... polartec thermals and hunter boots saved my life!


Anonymous said...

next year, thermal underware and wool boots, it looks like so much fun, especially with such a great bunch of people!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to go camping but have no gear. I'd love to have a cabin on 5 acres.

Esther K. said...

Wow, Heather and a gun? I bet you're a great shot.

hmw said...

susan... hardly, although i did make a few. xo

ms. givens... a cabin sounds dreamy. much better than our little tent!