Saturday, October 30, 2010

brooklyn birthday

my birthday was yesterday and i really wanted to spend the day in brooklyn visiting every vintage shop and eating good food! as soon as we got there we headed to black bird parlour for haloumi sandwiches and grilled cheese.

i think we hit every vintage shop while we were there.

then to my friend, leigh's, for hot apple cider after a cold day... very tasty.

we ended the night at the lodge for the best mac and cheese i've had in a long time and an ice cream sandwich for dessert!

it was a great day! i want to do it all over again!!


Anonymous said...

where is that vintage shop!? looks amazing, I'd love another hot spot

hmw said...

That was 10 ft Single, but my favorite is Malin Landaeus on 6th. X

SugarSocial said...

I love your polka-dot shirt!