Saturday, January 22, 2011

april catalog, new york: day 1

some of us arrived in new york wednesday afternoon with four suitcases filled with clothes for free people's april catalog shoot. we stayed at the beautiful bowery hotel on the lower east side. captivated by new york city, we quickly placed the bags in our rooms and hurried down stairs for tea, shopping and dinner.

i bought these sunglasses at on one my favorite shops, in god we trust.

doub picked up this entire outfit. hat and jeans: club monaco, jacket: topshop, sweater and clog boots: in god we trust, bag: vintage

i love the color of her new boots.

lauren got this furry hat to go with her alexander wang cape.

day two we meet sasha pivovarova, so check back for her model off duty style!


Anonymous said...

all i can say, you guys have the best job in the world, love the hat and the sunglasses....

Michelle said...

Love the hat...

Ray* said...

heather, i want your job. you're so high fashion and fabulous - i totally love it!

it's fun reading about the musings of a stylist. very cool.

last night was fun. hope we can hang again soon.

heather said...

anonymous and michelle, thank you!

rachel, i'm hardly high fashion, but i'm glad you like my blog!