Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day photo shoot

we woke up to eight inches of snow this morning here in philadelphia. although fresh, white snow was all around us we shot lots of spring looks today for upcoming emails. here are some behind the scenes... colorful make up, model martha hunt, inspiration tears, a warm fire, and cozy dogs.

the interior picks are from the home in which we worked... free people's creative director, doub hanshaw.

off to nyc tomorrow for a model fitting!


Anonymous said...

i love the dogs snuggling, gorgeous model, great job to all!

yttr said...

holy #*$&! what a #($&ing amazing shoot.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots. Love the doggies.

Trini said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment :)
love your pictures ,the model is simply beautiful!

Maria Ramagli said...

Love what you are doing with free people design and love watching you in action! Gotta say Love MILK in NYC... awesome January pics and commentary !!!