Sunday, May 1, 2011

trip to terrain

we headed to terrain today, because i have been dying for my very own terrarium. they were all amazing and the possibilities are endless as you can tell by their entire terrarium display.

here's the glass bowl i chose. this is what the terrarium looked like while i was placing it all together.

i ended up buying lots of succulents, the white crackle pot, and was able to fill some pots i've had including the printed pot i purchased at anthro not too long ago!

all ready for my new apartment! move in date is july 1st!


Anonymous said...

i love all your plants, beautiful arrangements, with gorgeous pots!!!!

lizzy said...

really cute heather!! good job. LOVES

lizzy said...

good job heather! so cute. LOVES

Anonymous said...

wow- these plants are beautiful. this might just be my new obsession! ;)