Sunday, May 15, 2011

you inspire me, spring

here are a few things that caught my eye this week and have me wanting more.

i'm always a sucker for turquoise in the warm months. i just picked up the ring on the left at a local motorcycle shop. i can't get enough.

my view at the navy yard... i love watching the ships pass by. there are times i have to remind myself we are still in philadelphia.

kris chau's pretty chalk art.

a colorful table setting.

we went bowling for a friend's birthday. i actually wanted to keep the shoes for once.

the weekend ended with ice cream in the setting sun. it felt like the perfect week to kick off an amazing summer.

what was your favorite thing that happened this week?


Anonymous said...

love the beginning of summer, beautiful flowers all over, ice cream and water ice.....just yummy

Anonymous said...

did you say bowling, i love to bowl......fantastic...

Anonymous said...

My weekend was so so, but my favorite thing had to be hanging out with my dogs and napping. Oh, and I thrifted an awesome midi skirt.