Sunday, June 26, 2011

dugan's 8th birthday party and skinny dip video!

my sweetest baby turned 8 today! it seemes like yesterday when we picked him up from his colorado breeder and took him home. he has been such a joy in my life and he taught me the beauty of a dog's unconditional love. i don't mean to get sappy, but i love him so much.

the day started with birthday treats and ended at tyler state park for a long swim!

he was too tired on the car ride home to stick his head out the window... Zzzzz!

i love this video... he's so happy to be swimming! happy 8th birthday, dugan! <3


Anonymous said...

oh Dugan, happy 8th and many more, love you are such a good dog, we all love you!!

lopezjennylopez said...

This is super cute, I love spending time with my dog as well and do thing with him!
The cake was adorable!!!

Besos for Dugan and you!

heather said...

anonymous, that's really sweet!

jenny, thank you and say hi to manu:)