Sunday, November 13, 2011

back to brooklyn

i haven't been to brooklyn in a while and i missed it so much. the flea markets, cafes, vintage shopping, and people watching are so captivating.
our main goal today was to hit the brooklyn flea market in williamsburg.we walked away with a few things... a vintage navajo blanket in muted colors, an old bottle opener, a vintage bag, and some snacks from some of the many yummy food vendors.

i think the strangest thing was walking away with a bag that i already had except a lot more worn. the vendor thought i was crazy when i asked to trade, but i finally got my perfectly worn in, brown leather coach bag and i love it!

after the flea market we met my friend, leigh, for a late lunch at rabbit hole cafe and some more shopping at some other local vintage spots.

we had such a great time. i need to visit a lot more.


Anonymous said...

what great items, i love flea markets, and great finds.......

Sar Sar Binks said...

oh man i want all of those sunnies.