Wednesday, February 15, 2012

lights up my day

i had the most amazing valentine's day. from the moment i got home from work i was showered with loads of pink and yellow tulips, love notes, and the gift of LIGHT! since we moved into our place in july our home still needs some finishing touches here and there. as a valentine gift to each other ryan and i picked up the most amazing mid-century, 1960's martz lamp. both gordon and jane martz, a married couple, were artists known for their work mixing ceramic and wood. we love it and it completes a little nook in the livingroom.

we then headed out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, the continental. late night we snuggled on the sofa and watched amelie! ahhh, perfect!

tell me, how did you spend the day?

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Anonymous said...

lucky, what a perfect day for you both....