Saturday, October 11, 2008

fall flea market

so we took daily candy's advice and went to the clark park flea market today. my friend susan and i got up extra early just to be the first to check out the vintage and collectibles.

we seemed to hang around this vendor more than any other. i bought a pair of victorian gloves from her that will be perfect to wear with spring dresses.

susan found this amazing jester suit. pink, fabric flowers decorated the front and it came complete with a black mask. no, we didn't buy it.

we loved the old suitcases filled with handbags and scarves.

beautiful shoes from the 60's sat on tables.

mesh, victorian handbags looked lovey displayed together.

i loved this artist's work. he draws silhouettes of figures and landscapes, cuts them out and places them on contrasting backgrounds. i bought two for my fitting room. i can't wait to hang them after the new wall paper is up.

how could i resist the sweetest little painting in the city? a pink, frosted cupcake that reads "hi! how are you?" painted right in the sidewalk.

the jewelry was fun to go through. i managed to find something for myself. i'll be sure to put up pictures of my finds soon.

we had a lot of fun walking around and taking in the breezy, fall weather. i can't wait for the next one to come around. we must take advantage of flea market weather while it's here. soon we will have to wait for spring.

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