Friday, October 10, 2008

a tiny miracle

in the beginning of the summer i found myself buying a plant to sit in the windowsill of my new apartment. i bought it for the pretty purple flowers that sat in the center of it's lush green leaves. i really didn't think this little african violet had a chance with me, but i thought i would do my best to keep it alive. summer ended and the violets bloomed and fell, but this plant was still looking good. i was proud. then one night i looked down and i found this...

a little flower. as far as i knew this would be the biggest this little flower would grow.

to my surprise the petals spread and one more popped through.

and they bloomed,

and bloomed.

ok. this isn't my most exciting post. although for me it really was a tiny miracle.

looks like more little buds may bloom! oh and don't worry, i promise not to do a follow up.

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