Wednesday, October 15, 2008

paint by... surprise?
paint by numbers are do-it-yourself pieces of art that became really popular in the 1950's. i am drawn to their soft colors and whimsical designs. a few months ago i found my very own browsing a local thrift store. i fell in love with the pretty ballerinas in a sea of pastels.

here are a few i would love to get my hands on...

my friend, brenda, and i decided we were on a mission to find every last one to decorate our walls... paying close attention to our strict aesthetic guidelines, of course. they have been tough to find and searches sometimes resort to browsing listings on ebay. today was different. to my surprise brenda showed up with a gently wrapped brown paper gift. i had no idea that when i would open it i would find a beautiful, lone ballerina in a sea of pastels. it is absolutely amazing and i already found the most perfect place for it.

thank you, brenda. you made my day.

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