Tuesday, October 21, 2008

street walker

my lab, dugan, and i went for a long walk up our east falls street. every time we do this i take in my colorful surroundings. since i had some extra time this morning i decided to capture them. i love the exterior of this particular row house. this home has a decorated front porch with cushioned chairs, strung lights, potted plants, and wind chimes. this is a look at the side of her house which leads to a colorful shed and small yard.

i love the colorful plants growing in the fall.

this beautiful church is practically across the street from our apartment. the building's structure and red doors always catch my eye.

a statue of mary sits beside.

you can imagine how much dugan loves the tree lined street.

one block down all the houses look just like this. the matching doors and windows give these homes a lot of character.

dugan decided to take little break. here he is wearing his new walking harness. we have a deal when this harness is on... dugan promises not to pull me down the street and i promise not to choke him. we recommend it. look at that smile!

the east falls library still had signs of summer peeking through the chilly air.

i love my street. i don't live in the nicest building on the street, but it's nice to know i can take a walk and find some interesting scenery.

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