Wednesday, August 5, 2009

vintage shopping in rome

rome was wonderful! one of my favorite things to do there was visiting their outdoor markets for great jewelry and vintage clothes!! i found some amazing pieces i am bringing into the store and wanted to share some of my favorite vintage spots with you.

the best outdoor market in rome was the the san giovanni flea market. there are tons of vendors and they even open during the week. we spotted a beautifully stocked vintage dealer there were i bought most of the vintage i am bringing in. i even picked up a beautiful floral, embroidered tablecloth for me!

another day we visited some vintage shops tucked inside piazza navona. this is the heart of the capitol's antiques and used clothing scene. small vintage shops are hidden along the winding brick roads. most had that dark, cluttered feel, so i didn't take many pictures. what was mesmerizing to me were the old italian leather bags, embroidered dresses and colorful boots.

if you are planning on visiting rome stop in and see me. i'd love to share all my favorite spots with you more in detail!

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Iovino80 said...

Ummm So amazing! I am just catching up on your blog and it looks like you had a killer time in Italia with the fam! Love the pics and congrats on Best of Philly!