Monday, January 4, 2010

a little pick me up

thrifting has always put me in better moods. today i decided to see what i could find at my favorite thrift store. i do this because, as you know, "the hunt" is so much fun and "the find" is so rewarding. i'm not always so lucky, but here are a few things i found over the cold months that i adore.

i love vintage tins in floral patterns. i have many, but here are my most recent finds.

i just love vintage animal figurines. i have been searching for a deer for ever and finally found this family. now i'm on the prowl for a tall, white cat with long eyelashes.

this vintage perfume bottle is to die for. i just love it!

lastly, here are today's finds... vintage floral pillow cases. i have a queen size bed and i am always searching for a sheet set, but can never seem to find one. for now the pillow cases will do!

stop in and see vintage connection's home goods. we have everything from glasses, to dishes, to figurines and wall decor.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool. I recently found a vintage glass container, an owl and a wooden box with a Japanese painting on the top. I love mixing vintage with new or modern.