Saturday, January 16, 2010

this made my day!

i got this email yesterday...

"Dear Heather,

My name is Heidi Saman. I've been to your store several times and love everything about it. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was (still am :) a filmmaker who's thesis film (it's called THE MAID) from Temple University was premiering at the Cannes Film Festival last year. I was invited to the festival and wore one of the dresses that I purchased from you-- a silk turquoise button down dress with a cool pink and aquamarine belt. I actually shortened the dress so I could wear it for evening and it really was a hit! I attended a dinner with Natalie Portman and I saw her checking out the dress! And I love her style!
I've been able to attend some amazing film festivals around the world and the dress I purchased at Vintage Connection has been with me to all of them.

You can see more photos on the Facebook page for the film. They're in an album titled the Cannes Film Festival.


P.S. I love your blog. It makes my day!"

below is a photo of heidi in her vintage dress and the cannes madness.

learn more about heidi's film here.


Victoire said...

wow, that's such a nice email! wish i got one like that :) and congrats!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Thats amazing how far your dress has traveled! That's so wonderful to hear :)