Saturday, May 8, 2010

spring cleaning

and a few of my favorite things.

vintage jewelry and boxes, 1950's porcelain kitty bank from my mimi, and an anthropologie flowery lamp

vintage treasures on my dresser

1950's shell art with two pink flamingos... too tacky not to adore

a mix of vintage floral sheets

lots of make up

vintage bags that take up the top book shelf

spring/summer shoes

rocking chair filled with vintage clothes that need altering


Anonymous said...

love the flamingo lamp!

Anonymous said...

This is great!
Drooling over your chain handle purses.
I have kitties from my grandma as well.

Tati said...

Hi heather. just did a post about you and the dress I bought from your store! Make sure to check it out! Also what sizes are those shoes? IM DYING to find strappy wedges like those! also those chain purses are fabulous. looks like ill have to take another stop by your store soon! I'm thinking another photoshoot??