Monday, May 17, 2010

vintage connection's beginning

i mentioned in my earlier post that i would be using the end of may to highlight my time spent with vintage connection.
over 3 years ago vintage connection began as an online vintage shop where i sold my finds on ebay and used myspace to help promote my small business. i would vintage shop once a week all over pennsylvania, dress up in my finds and have my mom snap photos that i would place online the same evening. the business began as hello dolly! vintage and i later changed the name. here are a few of the vintage pieces i sold.

i cringe at the photos of myself, but this is how my dream began.


Anonymous said...

i love the pictures, especially the bangs, Dolly, you looked so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

U R adorable!

Tati said...

im sorry that u are giving up your shop but im sure you have great plans ahead! ill be sure to stop by super soon before you close!

Eileen said...

I really like those boots. Is there a specific name for them? And I'm really sad to hear your store is closing.

hmw said...

thank you!

hmw said...


the boots are vintage cole haan lace up, riding boots.

amazing, right?