Sunday, April 3, 2011

saturday in pictures

i woke early, headed to the salvation army and added some vintage dresses to my collection.

in the early afternoon i checked out a couple apartments, but was feeling a little discouraged. a quick change to meet leigh in the city and i found a little one snuggled in my clothes. isn't that the sweetest thing you ever saw?

leigh and i stopped in anthropologie. she bought some spring tops and i was in awe of their housewares.

i grabbed a ceramic, patterned pot for some plants i have and a silver "H" for my shelf. then off to the continental for dinner and drinks. we love sofia coppola's canned champagne you drink with a red straw!

french onion dumplings for starters and onto vodka sodas...

i ordered one of my favorite, the crispy calamari salad. if you go, try their lobster mashed or lobster mac n' cheese. the food is amazing.

tapas for dessert... s'mores and chocolate peanut butter cups. YUM.

we had so much fun. looking forward to spending her birthday weekend in nyc next month!


LopezJennyLopez said...

What a fun day!!!
The pics looks great and I like the way you tell the story!!!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful time you guys had, and i love the little dog snuggled in your clothes, amazing finds...and great foods....

susie said...

Sounds so fun! Loved the pics. You would not believe the vintage here in Sweden, old garments you wonder where they came from. Old Sears Roebuck fare. Truly fascinating. It's overwhelming! (Also strange the everything is organized by color! So hard to browse, takes forever!)

Anonymous said...

<3 continental!