Thursday, October 23, 2008

flea market finds

october was the last month of flea markets in philadelphia for '08, so you better believe i hit up every one of them. here are a few of my favorite finds.

every girl needs this summer staple... an 80's embroidered shirt. this one fits me perfectly.

ok, so here is a peek of the skirt i will be trying to get the fall '08 gucci ad campaign look with!

this is an amazing belt!! it's made of black fabric and accented with gold. the clasp is in the back.

i found this rhinestone necklace i wear with everything. it looks great with a basic gray t-shirt. oh and the gloves will be the perfect accessory with spring dresses.

i am in love with this feather headband. i bought it for photo shoots and just because it was calling my name. i probably won't wear it, but i should!

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